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Though Argentina grows some Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, Torrontés is their main white varietal and the one the country is known for. Mainly because it isn't really grown anywhere else in the world. The best wines made from this grape come from the Mendoza and Salta regions. It is an extremely aromatic wine with a refreshing acidity and bright fruitiness that makes it a wonderful aperitif or a nice pairing for spicy food. Made to drink within a year or two of the vintage, most bottles run under $15, which make them a great everyday sipper and a wine I just can't resist. One of my favorite white wine varietals. They are still rather hard to find, so you will have to go to a fairly large wine shop to find one.

WHAT TO EXPECT: A light-bodied, crisp, aromatic wine that has the nose and flavors of Viognier/Muscat (floral/stone & citrus fruits/honey) and the acidity/texture of Sauvignon Blanc. Though all are techinically "dry", this wine is very fruity, so those who don't like to taste fruit in their wine will probably consider this varietal too "sweet."


spacer.gif2008 Bodega Sur de Las Andes Torrontés, Mendoza, ArgentinaRATING: *
spacer.gif2008 Catena Zapata Alamos Torrontés, Salta, ArgentinaRATING: **
spacer.gif2008 Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontés, Salta, ArgentinaRATING: ***
spacer.gif2008 La Yunta Torrontés, Famatina Valley, ArgentinaRATING: *
spacer.gif2008 Mas Torrontés, Cafayate, ArgentinaRATING: **
spacer.gif2008 Michel Torino Cuma Torrontés, Cafayate, ArgentinaRATING: **
spacer.gif2008 Notro Torrontés, Mendoza, ArgentinaRATING: **
spacer.gif2008 Tomero Torrontés, Cafayate, ArgentinaRATING: **
spacer.gif2008 Valentin Bianchi Elsa Torrontés, Mendoza, ArgentinaRATING: *
spacer.gif2007 Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontés, Salta, ArgentinaRATING: **
spacer.gif2007 Bodegas Fantelli Torrontés, Mendoza, ArgentinaRATING: *
spacer.gif2007 Zolo Torrontés, Salta, ArgentinaRATING: **
spacer.gif2006 Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontés, Salta, ArgentinaRATING: ***

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